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About the King James Bible:

Since “every word of God is pure”,
of this truth I’m very sure.
If from these words you take away,
then at the great white throne you’ll pay.

Our dear Lord Jesus Christ’s own words,
Whom with my life I’ll ever serve.
These words are not as shifting sand,
But the solid Rock on which I stand.

Some old words the proud have took,
not understanding this blessed book.
“Archaic” words they say can go
The Devil must have told them so.

Without these words this I know
Corrupted seed then we must sow.
But of this they have not a clue.
So to God’s words we must stay true.

The Bible says the jot and tittle-
Though they be small, minutae, and little-
they “shall in no wise pass away”
and do remain unto this day.

Life and spirit Jesus said,
and by these words we can be led.
To the cross of calvary,
and from sin’s chains can be set free.

“Purified seven times”,
The Holy words of God are fine.
The “thee’s” and “thou’s” “eth’s” and “est’s”,
they fit along with all the rest
and make this book the very best. Read More…