The book of Matthew

Matthew 1 Matthew 2

Matthew 3 Matthew 4

Matthew 5 Matthew 6

Matthew 7 Matthew 8

Matthew 9 Matthew 10

Matthew 11  Matthew 12

Matthew 13 Matthew 14

Matthew 15 Matthew 16

Matthew 17 Matthew 18

Matthew 19 Matthew 20

Simple truths

Fulfillment of Scripture

Patriotism and the Bible

Who is Running this Thing?

The Parable of the Sower

The good Seed and the Tares

The Bible and our Allegiance

Hell-made Pharisees-An Answer to Hypocrites

The Age of Accountability

God’s Business

Exposing doctrinal error

God so Loved Who


Filling in the Gap

Works Salvation

Biblical Rebuke

Alcohol and the Bible

Biblical Cosmology


Transcribed messages

Missions and the Church

The way of Balaam

My thoughts

Numbers 7-a few thoughts

The Devil’s Tactics

Heaven- What the saints can see

English Usage in the Bible

Holiday Specials

The Christ-mass and the Bible

Christmas and the Bible

Jesus Christ’s Birthday

Additional Thoughts on Christmas


The King James Bible Debate



Pre-trib. rapture

The day of Christ

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